THE ROOP Deny That D. Trump and V. Putin Became Main Characters of Their New Music Video

Lithuanian band THE ROOP introduces a controversial music video for their single “Silly Me” which might interest the world. The band publishes their intriguing piece of work, and scriptwriter who is also THE ROOP’s leader Vaidotas Valiukevičius tells about the idea.

“The main theme revolves around two men who fall for each other however are unable to show it publicly because of the public opinion and their high positions. How can they be together? What’s more important, passion or duty?” – Vaidotas asks rhetorically.

More attentive viewers will find many subtopics, various details or connections to real events. Main characters Nalddo and Tinpu might resemble the President of USA Donald Trump and the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. However, members THE ROOP want to warn you that all characters and situations are entirely fictional. Any resemblance to real people or events might stimulate new ideas and outlooks which the band invites not to be afraid of.

“Of course, we cannot completely isolate ourselves from the surrounding world and its events. Naturally it might stir into creativity,” – said Vaidotas.

Distinctive animation was created by Meinart Animation Studio, which exclusively specializes in animation for seven years now. The creative team boldly takes on unconventional tasks, and also dedicates time to social projects. One of their short films LOOK, which talks about the consequences of pollution, has already visited more than 100 festivals around the globe.

“I will confess that I was really impressed by the bold script and concept of “Silly Me”. It is an exceptional video, and we had absolute creative freedom making it! That seldom happens so we invested all of our energy into the video. And, thanks to the whole team, something great and different came out of it”, - says the founder of the animation studio Meinardas Valkevičius.

The illustrator and director of the video Eglė Palubeckytė claims that the chosen style meets the ironic plot of the video. Cartoony characters, fulfilled settings and vibrant colors really conveys the lives of two personas and makes the song even more colorful.


The final review of "Silly Me" music video before tomorrow's premiere. We stopped by Meinart Animation studio. Uh-huh, feelings were stirring, we were happy and focused, and we were laughing. Counting last hours before the public release. T-O-M-O-R-R-O-W!

Photos: Dainius Pu


New video soon!

Meet the characters of our new video - Nalddo and Tinpu! The peripeteias of their relationship will be revealed this Thursday, January 10! Together with Meinart Animation Studio we are preparing you a load of fun and surprise.

THE ROOP SILLY ME illustration by E.Palubeckyte 02.jpg
THE ROOP SILLY ME illustration by E.Palubeckyte 03.jpg

About 2018

This picture best represents our 2018. Even though at the beginning we told ourselves that participating in Lithuania's Eurovision National Selection was "lame", that "this was not our audience" and that "no one would understand us", eventually we made a good decision to dare ourselves to participate in this competition. It turned our year into a "Yes, I Do" year. We released an EP with the same title. We were who we were, never tried adjusting to some format. Maybe that was noticed. 2018 allowed us to meet people in different cities across Lithuania. We played a lot of concerts. Of course, we have been to San Francisco where we also had a wonderful show. Soon 2019 starts, and it will bring our listeners many very good and interesting things. We are working on it. We are skipping Eurovision this year. Next year? Maybe. By the way, we are releasing a new video in January. We can only say that it's going to be intriguing, different, multilayered. And just maybe it will carry the message further than Lithuania.


Great concert!

Yesterday Tamsta Club was full of cosiness and true emotions. Thank you to all who were there, who only recently found us and to all who were with us for these 4 years!

Photos: Dainius Putinas


Visiting GOLD FM

Vaidotas: First time at GOLD FM radio. Warm people working in a cozy place. Hence a cozy conversation with Živilė about life, THE ROOP and the upcoming concerts. Show airs this Friday 10 AM.


We are 4 years old!

We remember the day we sent the press release with our first tune "Be Mine" to the media. Hands were shaking and you could feel this lump in your throat. Will anyone publish it, and if they will, will anyone like it? And that's when everything started and gained acceleration. First video, first concert, first interview, first festival, first concert trip abroad, first album. We are truly thankful to our relatives, friends, and all the people who listen to our music, whom we meet in our shows, who write us and always supports us. Today THE ROOP is a solid band with future vision and plans. This is just the beginning! 


The last day in US

Today we are leaving San Francisco. We made new friends here and understood how diverse people can be and how they manage to coexist. We saw both the city and the everchanging nature around it. And now the trip home starts. Time to get ready for the shows in Lithuania!


Concert in San Francisco

The concert in San Francisco went great! So many amazing people gathered together! New friendships were starting fast and they were all warm. The organizers went above themselves to make the event of best quality. And they succeeded! Thank you everyone!

Foto: JurGita Mazeika


We visited Google headquarters in San Francisco

We use Google everyday and we were always curious what is happening and who is sitting behind all of it. We saw it today! We visited Google headquarters in San Francisco! Lithuanian Jolanta, who is working there, walked us around, showed even the secret rooms, took us to the sunny terrace on the roof to view the city panorama, and even invited us to have lunch at Google staff canteen which is gigantic! This is really a dream workplace. And now it's even more fun using Google.



This Saturday from 10.30 AM new show Garsiau. Soundcheckas (Louder. Soundckeck) starts on LRT PLIUS. Simbolically "Roop" similarly means "to cry, roar or make a great noise". There are too few music shows so we really support this initiative. It's a great honor to be a part of the pilot episode! Don't miss out. 

Nuotraukos/photos: E. Genys


We are going to San Francisco!

We've heard "Be careful what you wish for, it might just come true". And we are carefully not wishing. Few months ago we discussed within our band that this is the first year when we haven't played abroad. Of course we had a lot of concerts in Lithuania, but will it be a year without a trip? So we just spoke about it, and an email comes in inviting us to San Francisco at the end of October! Wow! The ticket are already booked! 


Vaidotas is in Fuertaventura

Currently Vaidotas is in Fuertaventura to spend a month living and writing music there. In a non touristy town of Gran Tarajal he set up a tiny studio where he spends half a day, during the rest of the time Vaidotas is exploring nearby mountains and surroundings. He says he gets a lot of creative inspiration, and sends everyone best wishes!


BEHIND THE CAMERA: Keista Draugystė

Exactly one year ago we publicly introduced "Keista Draugystė" and its video. Vaidotas and Deimantė filmed each other at home. Everything happened in two days, taking three hours each day. No extra lighting, just natural light. Both days we waited until 3 PM when the light shone at the desired angle and moved through the room until 6 PM. It turned out to be quite an intimate, cozy and multidimensional video. Let's look at it again.


"UFO" in the first place! We reached top position in the Alytus Radio station FM99 chart. Cannot wait until the end of August to come and play in Alytus. By the way, congratulations to the city with their new, original and really beatiful city logo, created by brothers Gataveckai! 

Photo: Dainius Pu


Lithuanian National Anthem

IT'S OFFICIAL! This friday in Palanga with smiles on our faces and love in our hearts we will be singing the Lithuanian National Anthem along with the rest of the world. Come and join us. The event will be followed by our concert! Entry is free, venue: Kablys + Jūra, start 21 PM, but you can com earlier. For the sake of Lithuania!