Vis sulaukiame daugelio žmonių užklausų “Kada ir kur bus koncertas?”. Atėjo metas apie tai pranešti garsiai!

Norime padėkoti visiems, kurie mus palaikė konkurse, kurie balsavo, rašė asmenines žinutes, siuntė šilumą ir pačius geriausius jausmus. Kviečiame visus, kurie mus jau lydi nuo pat THE ROOP susikūrimo ir tuos, kurie mus atrado tik dabar. Bus nuostabu!

Jeigu pasiilgai tikrumo, melodingumo, jaukumo, bet tuo pačiu ir energijos pliūpsnio - ateik!
P.S. Koncerte galima bus įsigyti mūsų albumus “To Whom It May Concern” ir “Ghosts”!

KAUNAS / Balandžio 13 d. 

KLAIPĖDA / Balandžio 20 d. 

VILNIUS / Balandžio 26 d. 


WE ARE HAPPY! Why? Because yesterday in the "Žalgirio Arena" we heard YOUR supportive cheering and applause with our own ears. With our own eyes we saw how hard you all voted. We finished 3rd in the National Eurovision Selection marathon! It was a unique night full of wonderful moments. We received more than we could handle and to show how thankful we are we will soon announce 'Yes, I Do" tour dates to see you again and to sing together! THANK YOU, this is just the beginning 🙏🌞🎵🎤🎸

Photo: E.Kniežauskas, A.Didžgalvis, G.Bitvinskis

Acoustic version of "Yes, I Do"

Introducing an acoustic version of "Yes, I Do". The video was made in the rehearsal studio where the song was born. This version is not a candidate to replace the original, but it just sounds great and delivers the emotion. This is exactly how most songs sound in the beginning of the writing process.

RobertKov Video

We are not just a Eurovision project

We are not just a Eurovision project. For over three years we are actively writing music and playing concerts. Many people found us only now, and we congratulate you with that! ;) Many keep asking whether we have released any albums and where to find them. Yes, we do have two albums, the debut "To Whom It May Concern" and last Fall's "Ghosts".

You can find our music on all major music platforms. At the same time you can buy CDs. Currently in all Caffeine shops in Vilnius you will find not only coffee, but also "Ghosts".

If you live elsewhere from Vilnius or if you'd like to get signed CDs, order them online and get them delivered to your place. By the way, the price of both albums together is very attractive ;)

LRT OPUS radio

LRT Opus radio show with Vaidotas is available online. Where does the urge for music come from? How many M.Jackson shows has he been to? What inspires now? What is he looking for in music? These and more questions and answers. CLICK HERE


Screen shot 2018-03-09 at 9.45.11 PM.png

Moving foward

Here's the video of our latest appearance! THIS SATURDAY. February 24th, we are returning to the stage and will be waiting for your support! Yes, everything is gaining speed really fast!

Thank you for this feeling of unity! 

This picture was taken backstage before going on stage. Back then we had no idea that we were moving forward, and now we know ;) For this we thank only YOU who voted and supported us. Without you, without all who voted it would have made all of this a lot harder. It's still quite unbelievable that so many people send us wishes and sincerely support us, thanks us for the song and the message. How similar to each other we actually are, and much closer than one might think. Thank you for this feeling of unity! 

Eurovision - second round

After the filming of last National Eurovision selection round we feel good! We enhanced the view and the performance and we are ready to move forward! Some jury feedback:

M. Linkytė noticed that the chorus of the song is very clear and sticks in your head, and the performance stands out among others.

"I know that the idea of the song and the message is beautiful. As you said yourselves it is better to have an idea instead of not having it. I really enjoyed."

V. Stackevičius agreed that it is pleasure to listen to the song.

"Directorial solutions kept my attention from start to end. The song is executed flawlessly and is a strong candidate to move forward." - thinks V. Stackevičius.

Photos: Lukas B., V. Radžiūnas, Renata Z.


Wonderful morning

Wonderful morning. I cannot stop smiling. After yesterday's Eurovision selection voting we are smoothly moving forward! On behalf of all THE ROOP members I want to thank you for supporting us by voting and providing positive feedback. You are all a part of these good emotions. We saw was needs to be enhanced to strengthen the message of the song. All is going to be fine!


Eurovision - the start

Several photos from the Eurovision quarterfinals. The jury rated us really well! Now we are waiting for viewers' support this Saturday! Jury's feedback:

L. Somov was impressed that the guys managed to create rock band's image. 
"The song's hook phrase sticks in your mind. The song is positive, makes you feel good, and, I think, is suitable for Eurovision", - he says.

A. Lukošius claims to have felt the mood of the song.
"Most people probably don't even listen to the lyrics, but they have to "catch" the mood. I just loved this song". - he states.

Photos: Ž.Gedvila, R.Danisevičius, V.Radžiūnas, Dmitrijus Radlinskas


THE ROOP’s Open Statement about Their Eurovision Song

The first to announce their participation in the Lithuanian National Eurovision selection, THE ROOP are finally introducing their dedicated song “Yes, I Do”.

The band’s voice and soul Vaidotas Valiukevičius shares his story behind the song. “Yes, I Do” is about me. More than a year ago I was diagnosed with depression. It has been a rough period. Every night the mood would go down massively, however every morning would bring hope, albeit small. I would feel much better in the morning. The morning, to me, symbolizes life and hope – that’s why in the chorus we sing “Every morning, World, I still love you” – Openly says Vaidotas.

With this song THE ROOP sends a message to all who feel sad, disappointed, depressed or lost – they should know that there is a way out and you can live on. The morning is a magical time which really heals.

“I am already healthy and continue walking my path in life. I decided to be brave and talk about this openly. I am sure that anyone can stumble or feel down – the main thing is to get up and move on.” – Smiles Vaidotas

THE ROOP‘s appearance in the National Eurovision selection is on 3rd of February on