Music video presenting Lithuanian band “The Roop” – the first in the world

Their first live show, great responses from the audience, a lot of time spent in the studio and the shooting of an extraordinary video – a summary of an intense summer, which resulted in a new song and the video “Not Too Late” from Lithuanian pop rockers, “The Roop”.

The newest work of “The Roop” is a dedication to a charming and childish naivety where only dreams, joy and fantasies matter. “It is never too late to be a child and there is no need to rush to become serious. Leave yourself some time to dream!” – is the idea of the song presented by the band members.

The video of “Not Too Late” contains the latest technologies in video shooting and allows the viewer to undergo a whole new experience in video watching” – intrigues “The Roop”.

What they and the team of the “Wide Wings” creative studio did is a combination of two complex technologies in one music video – 360 degree shooting and animation. Therefore, today “The Roop” can be proud of becoming the first ones in the whole world to have this type of music video with their song “Not Too Late”.

“A 360-degree view is a transition to the next level of music videos, where we’ll all have a chance to not only view a music video, but to also be participants of it” – says the head of the “Wide Wings” creative studio, and together with “The Roop”, invites everyone to become a part of a new world of visual possibilities.