THE ROOP introduces new song and goes to “Positivus” festival

“The Roop“ received an official invitation to participate in one of the biggest festivals in the Baltic region “Positivus”, which this year takes place on July 15-17 in Salacgrīva, Latvia. The guys will play on the “I Love You” stage where, by tradition, new musical discoveries are presented. Exactly here a few years ago an Estonian then new super band “Ewert and The Two Dragons” attracted public‘s attention. 

“It is great honor participating in a festival like that. We are already anxious to get on the stage” – band’s leader Vaidotas smiles.

At the moment “The Roop” introduces a new radio single “Come Back” from a recent debut album “To Whom It May Concern”. You can listen to the album on and Spotify or buy it on Bandcamp.

“It is time to publicly present this song. It’s a charge of energy with a chorus that sticks in your head” – said drummer Robertas.

Listen to the song with visuals from a live show: