“Positivus” festival injected extra motivation to move forward!

We can boldly state that “Positivus” festival was great! We cannot hide we went there with slight worry of not knowing how all is going to be. Alongside us there were more Lithuanians – Markas Palubenka and Daddy Was A Milkman. As far as we have heard, their shows went perfectly! We spent all Saturday listening to all sorts of live music, tasting different foods. Lead singer Vaidotas was pleased to find vegan options.

On Sunday we climbed the stage of new discoveries – “I Love You” stage. The challenge was that each band had to attract their audience, because concerts take place on multiple stages and people migration is rapid. The show started. It was exciting to see people gathering at the stage after first chords.

The crowd was really warm and welcoming. Exchange of energy took place. We found the connection which turned into friendship. They supported us, repeated the lyrics, danced and seen us off the stage with huge applause. We are fascinated by such reception. These are the moments when you realizing that it is worth rehearsing, recording and playing live.

Thank you, Bar I Love YouPositivus Festival and the crowd for this experience. Next – GalapagaiGRANATOS LIVE and other festivals.