Be happy!

Would you dare spending 10 DAYS without phone, without computer, without TV, without radio, without music, without any reading nor writing, speaking, communicating in any way with other people, dancing, laughing deeply and loudly, without your own food nor hidden sweets, being away from the city buzz, isolated in a small area where men and women walk on different sides? Just be with yourself, be inside yourself, wake up at 4 AM each morning and meditate for 10 hours a day. The band’s lead singer Vaidotas just had this experience. He returned from Vipassana meditation camp. What happens to a person who stays silently with himself and the nature for 10 days? Beautiful things happen! You start clearing the inside of your head. We often clean houses, wash out bodies, but our thoughts and the whole consciousness and subconsciousness remains only passingly wiped (if wiped at all). Often we are unable to process all of the information we receive and we keep stuffing ourselves with new dose of information. Again and again over the years. The Vipassana meditation is not an escape from life, but rather on the contrary – life’s perception, cleanness of thoughts to see the things the way they are, without illusions or prejudice. This is a universal technique which is not classified as any belief or -ism. This is the understanding of reality. Vaidotas realized that he wants to share this with everyone and invites you to visit website to learn more and, if possible, register for the next 10 day courses. Vaidotas wishes all responsibility and happiness!