Here we are going to tell more about what is left behind the scenes. What little and interesting thing hide there. And there are a lot!

Let’s start from our first video – “Be Mine.” This video’s purpose was to introduce us to the public. The initial idea was making the video without the scenes where the band is playing – we actually filmed them later. We had two reasons for filming these additional scenes. Firstly, members of the band were fixed and we couldn’t keep it a secret anymore. At first we were hiding the identities of the band members so that listeners would concentrate on the song, not the personalities. Secondly, once the editing was done, we noticed that some parallel action was missing – the band itself playing.

Pictures from the video reveal the initial idea to involve the band members into the story and to show their musical identities through specific details. Look at the pictures more carefully. Robertas is sitting in a café, drumsticks on the table. Mantas is playing a street musician with guitar in his hands. Vainius squatting next to his bicycle where at first we thought of showing a close-up of his fingers stroking bicycle wheel spokes as if they were thick bass strings. And the t-shirt of Vaidotas has a microphone picture on it. That’s how we presented all of the band members and their roles.

The final version has drifted a little from the original one but still delivers the main social idea. The duo of actress Severija Janušauskaitė and Victor Topol fascinated us.

Watch the video here.