Remembering this song, we will reveal several interesting facts about its video. We aimed for a simple and intimate video without much work and expenses. But what looks simple does not necessarily happen fast and easily.

We decided to shoot with an 8mm camera and we had to buy the film in Germany. Ok, so we got the film. Then we not only had to find suitable for the decade clothes but also classic environment. We found it. But the flat wasn't sunny enough - the windows faced the inside yard and that spring day was cloudy. Where can we get the Sun from?! We rented four powerful cinema lamps and put them outside windows to light the flat. Additional generator was required since the flat's power supply would not suffice. Done.

The filming starts. We have four films which summed up to roughly 15 minutes of material. It was very limiting, so before recording we had to rehearse what's going to happen several times.

Later we sent the films back to Germany to get it digitized. The wait was quite a thrill because you do not know what would come out of it. At the same time, we were searching the web for summer clips taken with 8mm camera. We contacted the makers and received permission from one German person (yeah, it's somehow all about Germany) to use his summer clips which we mixed into our video shot in a flat.

Altogether the result was an intimate video. Without special effect or filters. All natural the way it was shot. Take a fresh glance at this video.