A few thoughts after "Yes, I Do" concerts in Kaunas and Klaipėda

1. Kaunas is a rapidly reviving and cozy city.
2. Klaipėda has an unconventional venue which we really enjoyed playing in. This shows that the port city want to be alive not only during the summer.
3. It was pleasant to see that people knew and sang more than three of our songs.
4. It's very nice to feel listeners' positive energy.
5. Most often you don't need any kind of glitter or super effects, you don't need pomp, all you need is the feeling of honesty and sharing it. 
6. Everything happens for a reason.
7. We are such happy people!
8. All band members cannot wait until this Thursday, the last of the "Yes, I Do" concerts in Vilnius, Loftas.