THE ROOP Deny That D. Trump and V. Putin Became Main Characters of Their New Music Video

Lithuanian band THE ROOP introduces a controversial music video for their single “Silly Me” which might interest the world. The band publishes their intriguing piece of work, and scriptwriter who is also THE ROOP’s leader Vaidotas Valiukevičius tells about the idea.

“The main theme revolves around two men who fall for each other however are unable to show it publicly because of the public opinion and their high positions. How can they be together? What’s more important, passion or duty?” – Vaidotas asks rhetorically.

More attentive viewers will find many subtopics, various details or connections to real events. Main characters Nalddo and Tinpu might resemble the President of USA Donald Trump and the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. However, members THE ROOP want to warn you that all characters and situations are entirely fictional. Any resemblance to real people or events might stimulate new ideas and outlooks which the band invites not to be afraid of.

“Of course, we cannot completely isolate ourselves from the surrounding world and its events. Naturally it might stir into creativity,” – said Vaidotas.

Distinctive animation was created by Meinart Animation Studio, which exclusively specializes in animation for seven years now. The creative team boldly takes on unconventional tasks, and also dedicates time to social projects. One of their short films LOOK, which talks about the consequences of pollution, has already visited more than 100 festivals around the globe.

“I will confess that I was really impressed by the bold script and concept of “Silly Me”. It is an exceptional video, and we had absolute creative freedom making it! That seldom happens so we invested all of our energy into the video. And, thanks to the whole team, something great and different came out of it”, - says the founder of the animation studio Meinardas Valkevičius.

The illustrator and director of the video Eglė Palubeckytė claims that the chosen style meets the ironic plot of the video. Cartoony characters, fulfilled settings and vibrant colors really conveys the lives of two personas and makes the song even more colorful.