About 2018

This picture best represents our 2018. Even though at the beginning we told ourselves that participating in Lithuania's Eurovision National Selection was "lame", that "this was not our audience" and that "no one would understand us", eventually we made a good decision to dare ourselves to participate in this competition. It turned our year into a "Yes, I Do" year. We released an EP with the same title. We were who we were, never tried adjusting to some format. Maybe that was noticed. 2018 allowed us to meet people in different cities across Lithuania. We played a lot of concerts. Of course, we have been to San Francisco where we also had a wonderful show. Soon 2019 starts, and it will bring our listeners many very good and interesting things. We are working on it. We are skipping Eurovision this year. Next year? Maybe. By the way, we are releasing a new video in January. We can only say that it's going to be intriguing, different, multilayered. And just maybe it will carry the message further than Lithuania.