Eurovision - second round

After the filming of last National Eurovision selection round we feel good! We enhanced the view and the performance and we are ready to move forward! Some jury feedback:

M. Linkytė noticed that the chorus of the song is very clear and sticks in your head, and the performance stands out among others.

"I know that the idea of the song and the message is beautiful. As you said yourselves it is better to have an idea instead of not having it. I really enjoyed."

V. Stackevičius agreed that it is pleasure to listen to the song.

"Directorial solutions kept my attention from start to end. The song is executed flawlessly and is a strong candidate to move forward." - thinks V. Stackevičius.

Photos: Lukas B., V. Radžiūnas, Renata Z.


Wonderful morning

Wonderful morning. I cannot stop smiling. After yesterday's Eurovision selection voting we are smoothly moving forward! On behalf of all THE ROOP members I want to thank you for supporting us by voting and providing positive feedback. You are all a part of these good emotions. We saw was needs to be enhanced to strengthen the message of the song. All is going to be fine!


Eurovision - the start

Several photos from the Eurovision quarterfinals. The jury rated us really well! Now we are waiting for viewers' support this Saturday! Jury's feedback:

L. Somov was impressed that the guys managed to create rock band's image. 
"The song's hook phrase sticks in your mind. The song is positive, makes you feel good, and, I think, is suitable for Eurovision", - he says.

A. Lukošius claims to have felt the mood of the song.
"Most people probably don't even listen to the lyrics, but they have to "catch" the mood. I just loved this song". - he states.

Photos: Ž.Gedvila, R.Danisevičius, V.Radžiūnas, Dmitrijus Radlinskas


THE ROOP’s Open Statement about Their Eurovision Song

The first to announce their participation in the Lithuanian National Eurovision selection, THE ROOP are finally introducing their dedicated song “Yes, I Do”.

The band’s voice and soul Vaidotas Valiukevičius shares his story behind the song. “Yes, I Do” is about me. More than a year ago I was diagnosed with depression. It has been a rough period. Every night the mood would go down massively, however every morning would bring hope, albeit small. I would feel much better in the morning. The morning, to me, symbolizes life and hope – that’s why in the chorus we sing “Every morning, World, I still love you” – Openly says Vaidotas.

With this song THE ROOP sends a message to all who feel sad, disappointed, depressed or lost – they should know that there is a way out and you can live on. The morning is a magical time which really heals.

“I am already healthy and continue walking my path in life. I decided to be brave and talk about this openly. I am sure that anyone can stumble or feel down – the main thing is to get up and move on.” – Smiles Vaidotas

THE ROOP‘s appearance in the National Eurovision selection is on 3rd of February on

'Kitokie pasikalbėjimai' show and steak musicians

Sharing the musical bit from 'Kitokie pasikalbėjimai' show which took place during the Holiday period. It was the first time when the band was in the role of "steak musicians" - a name by which Vaidotas calls those who play music in bars or restaurants where the audience simply eats or drinks :D Although Vaidotas himself admints that in concerts as a listener he usually sits quietly and listens attentively. Anyhow, the show happened and we liked it!

A new dance rock un-Christmassy Christmas song "Deadline"

Dance Rock band THE ROOP introduce “Deadline” from their recent album “Ghosts”. Guys dedicate the song to all who are always in a hurry.

“Especially during the pre-Christmas period this mass psychosis starts. Everyone’s running, rushing, buying. And the closer the deadline is the bigger the tension. This tune perfectly reflects such state. It is an un-Christmassy Christmas song.” – smiles band’s leader Vaidotas.

New song - energy bomb. Listen!



CD and Coffee

When you miss the Sun and are in no mood to move, coffee and music is there to help! In all Caffeine LT coffeeshops you'll not only find coffee, but our latest CD "Ghosts" as well. Grab your sun!


THE ROOP: in the new album we sing about the fears we fight ourselves

Today, the 16th of October, pop rock band THE ROOP introduce their second album
“Ghosts.” Fans can already listen to it on the band’s official Spotify page or buy the CD
online. Band members openly confess that the recording period was a real challenge – the
band was on the verge of splitting up.

THE ROOP‘s new album consists of 9 songs, among them several already known tunes:
the dreamy „Dream On“, open and intimate „Keista Draugystė“ and „Hello“ – the latter is
famous for its bold video picturing real people and their life stories.

“We named the album “Ghosts,” because to us they are the symbols of our inner fears.
We release them in our new songs, releasing our doubts as well. We encourage to look at
your own ghosts, don’t be afraid to dream, don’t fear to live your own way, show
yourselves, take your masks off,” – tells drummer Robertas Baranauskas.

The author of the cover photo is a well known photographer Audrius Solominas. The
picture was taken in Cannes, France. It pictures random people moving in the crowd at the
Cannes Film Festival, waiting for appreciation, wanting to show off and look at others.

“When I saw the photograph it struck me that it could be a perfect illustration for our album.
During these two years writing the album we went through many feelings – from
disappointment and closed doors to amazing acknowledgement and encouragement, from
personal dramas to stability in the band. At some point we were at the brink of falling apart,
but we are happy that this period eventually strengthened our relationship and we
remained together. But now it’s time to move forward with the premiere of the new album,”
– says THE ROOP leader Vaidotas Valiukevičius.

THE ROOP already announced first five album tour dates in the five biggest cities in
“We added new songs to our setlist which will really sustain the atmosphere of our shows.
In our concerts the border between us the the audience disappears. We become one. I
believe this is our strength,” – smiles Vaidotas.

Release of the album is partially sponsored by LATGA. The band members are grateful for
the support.

THE ROOP which along with Robertas and Vaidotas consists of bassist Vainius
Šimukėnas and guitarist Mantas Banišauskas have not only played all biggest festivals in
Lithuania, but were also invited to the largest festival in the Baltic States – “Positivus.”
They played in Riga and Jelgava in Latvia, Bonn in Germany, Warsaw and Gdansk in
Poland. THE ROOP released their debut album “To Whom It May Concern” in 2015.

To listen to “Ghosts” follow the links:

Spotify -
Google Play -
Deezer -
Amazon -
bandcamp -


Open cages

Vaidotas: "It seems to me that we, people, have gone the wrong way. Keeping birds not only without the possibility of walking, but even spreading their wings for the sake of a cheaper egg is hardly perceivable as "the right way."