"BE MINE" video is here!

Finally! We present you our first video. Watch it now!

The Roop, a new, fresh-sounding pop rock band, presents its first song, “Be Mine”. The band members are four guys from Lithuania, a country sitting right at Europe’s geographical centre.

The master for “Be Mine” was recorded at Studios 301, one of the world’s most famous recording studios, based in Sydney, Australia.

The Roop’s mission is to raise discussion about social phenomena and problems using words and images.

In the band’s debut music video, the lead role was performed by Severija Janušauskaitė, a memorable professional actress, who is currently at the brink of achieving international recognition.

The lead male role was played by Viktor Topol, a multiple world disabled fitness champion.

“I have always dreamt of appearing in a video like this. In a video that would provide a different perspective on certain problems,” says Viktor, who has depended on a wheelchair for his entire life. He is, however, full of optimism and completely unconcerned about his disability.

Viktor says that an inferiority complex can be overcome, it is only an illusion in our mind. “The video shows that we are all fully abled, know how to love and live a happy life. This is how I feel,” says Viktor with a smile.

Meanwhile, Severija agrees, saying that never in her life has she felt any special pity for disabled people. According to the actress, they are just like us. She says: “Everybody lacks something. For some, it is arms or legs, while others lack the ability to think, for example. Everything would be different if more people thought the way Viktor does. He is bold and understands that things are what we think about them. Everything is in our mind.”