THE ROOP sing in Lithuanian for the first time and present an experimental video „Keista Draugystė“ („Strange Friendship“)

“We kept received questions why don‘t we sing in Lithuanian? The answer was quite plain – somehow the lyrics turned out in English. With this tune the opposite happened – it just wrote itself in the native language.” –band‘s leader Vaidotas Valiukevičius reveals.

The first Lithuanian THE ROOP's song. The video “Keista Draugystė” (“Strange Friendship”) is a dialogue between two people in a long-term relationship. It is a visual story about true, unstaged relation. Vaidotas and Deimantė, together for 10 years, were the only participants on the set. Adapting to the rhythm of the sun the man and the woman filmed one another for two days for exactly 3 hours to get that photographic play between darkness and light.

“In the video you can observe how natural lighting breaks the space, lights up or dims our bodies. I’d say it’s an experimental visualization when we were not tied to the end product while in the process of filming, simply being indulged in the “here and now” moment. While filming Vaidotas I totally forgot about myself and it was a liberating creative process.” – says Deimantė.

Pop rock band THE ROOP currently spend most of their time in the recording studio where they are finishing their second studio album planned to be released this October.