Remembering this song, we will reveal several interesting facts about its video. We aimed for a simple and intimate video without much work and expenses. But what looks simple does not necessarily happen fast and easily.

We decided to shoot with an 8mm camera and we had to buy the film in Germany. Ok, so we got the film. Then we not only had to find suitable for the decade clothes but also classic environment. We found it. But the flat wasn't sunny enough - the windows faced the inside yard and that spring day was cloudy. Where can we get the Sun from?! We rented four powerful cinema lamps and put them outside windows to light the flat. Additional generator was required since the flat's power supply would not suffice. Done.

The filming starts. We have four films which summed up to roughly 15 minutes of material. It was very limiting, so before recording we had to rehearse what's going to happen several times.

Later we sent the films back to Germany to get it digitized. The wait was quite a thrill because you do not know what would come out of it. At the same time, we were searching the web for summer clips taken with 8mm camera. We contacted the makers and received permission from one German person (yeah, it's somehow all about Germany) to use his summer clips which we mixed into our video shot in a flat.

Altogether the result was an intimate video. Without special effect or filters. All natural the way it was shot. Take a fresh glance at this video.


Vaidotas: continuing the rubric I introduce another band member - VAINIUS. He mastered the bass guitar and is also the backing vocalist in the band. He can play any kind of guitar, keyboards and drums. His face usually looks concerned and while taking pictures he tends to stand aside and has to be called to come closer. Although he might seem disconnected and apathetic, Vainius is actually a sensitive person who would always help in trouble. Talking of music he has perfect pitch and is able to play or sing any song. Vainius is good at writing melodies, e.g. the chorus of "Hello" is his. When he's relaxed he demonstrates his hidden talent of impersonating other people or charachters. And this makes us ROFL!

Photo: Laima Kavaliauskaitė



Vaidotas: continuing the introduction of the band members. The second - MANTAS. The Guitarist. He can play electric, acoustic and bass guitar, he can sing, but, as he himself claims, he doesn't want to. While writing guitar parts he uses laziness in a good way - out of this laziness simple but unique melodies that fit the songs perfectly are born. While on tour Mantas usually sleeps or plays games on his phone. However he changes drastically onstage - he becomes active, mobile and full of energy. His sense of humour is the widest in the band ranging from straightforward to subtle. A joke is always ready. By the way, he owns intense and contagious laughter. It's unforgetable once you hear it.

Photo: A.Solominas



Vaidotas: as the main face of the band I decided to introduce other members of the band who are also very interesting. I felt the wish to briefly tell about each of them. Hence, starting a new rubric "Band Member". First of them - ROBERTAS - the drummer. He can also sing, play keyboards and guitars. Although he is honestly the busiest person in the band, he always finds time for music stuff. Very reliable. Moreover, he's the one who is able to enhance melodies: when there's already a rough sketch of a melody, Robertas like a sculptor shapes or polishes it. When there's tension in the band, Robertas manages to put everything into places and lower the tension. He looks like a true and mature man, but sometimes on tour he turns into a teenager who giggles at any joke. And that is amazing! 

Photo: 15min./Julius Kalinskas

Video premiere: “The Roop” introduce new song and music video “UFO” featuring Migloko

Just half a year ago they released their second studio album “Ghosts”, and in early spring won everyone’s hearts in the National “Eurovision” Selection, now “The Roop” return with a new treat for their listeners – an EP “Yes, I Do”. Today the musicians share the first single off it – a song and video featuring Migloko called “UFO”. 

The band’s soul Vaidotas Valiukevičius recalls meeting Migloko about a year ago and instantly feeling close to her.

“It happens sometimes that you don’t know the person well, but you feel that there is something in common, – says Vaidotas. – I loved how open she was with her voice, movement, clothes. She is living similarly to me – not chasing standards or trying to fit some society built frames. And we both feel a little alien on this Earth.” 

Migloko, who always stands out for her vibrant appearance, says that “UFO” is exactly about people that live and think differently from what is considered common.

“This is a song about being yourself even though you are a little strange, about self acceptance. Being different is wonderful and interesting. People finally feel free and this makes you feel happy,” – she rejoices.

Vaidotas is sure that every person is brilliant and attractive, but most are still afraid to show it.

“This is exactly the fear and escape from it that we talk about in the “UFO” video, – he says. – We show how we look at ourselves, get used to ourselves until we finally enter the world brave, self confident, and most importantly the way we actually are – without masks or attempts to fit in. It is amazing how perfectly director Laura Kazbaraitė understood the idea and managed to complement it.”

The director confessed that it was one of the most creative and active projects she directed recently.

“I am happy to have had the possibility to collaborate with such artistic, open and authentic singers like Vaidotas and Migloko. I hope that this summer song and an unconventional video will encourage viewers to be braver expressing themselves and free themselves from any social or emotional constrains,” – says Laura Kazbaraitė.

Just like the new song, the whole fresh EP from “The Roop” – “Yes, I Do” – is about light, positivity and trust in oneself. The album is streaming on all major platforms, and the physical CD can be acquired on the band’s website or at concerts.


Get the EP here:

"UFO" video shoot wrap

Vaidotas: this is a photo of the "UFO" video shoot wrap. I can boldly say that migloko• is the easiest person to write and work with. Currently the editing works are being finished. The new song and the video is coming out soon! Honestly, we cannot wait and, fingers crossed, hopefully everything will turn out just the way we imagined.

Photo: Dainius Pu

Live Live Live

If you missed us in Loftas, there is a chance for redemption. This Saturday, May 12th, we will be playing in Vilnius, Vincas Kudirka Square to celebrate Europe Day. And here are some pics from Loftas


Making video

Finished filming video for the new THE ROOP and migloko• duet tune! All these people make the best team! Thank you! Cannot wait to show you the result later this month! 


A few thoughts after "Yes, I Do" concerts in Kaunas and Klaipėda

1. Kaunas is a rapidly reviving and cozy city.
2. Klaipėda has an unconventional venue which we really enjoyed playing in. This shows that the port city want to be alive not only during the summer.
3. It was pleasant to see that people knew and sang more than three of our songs.
4. It's very nice to feel listeners' positive energy.
5. Most often you don't need any kind of glitter or super effects, you don't need pomp, all you need is the feeling of honesty and sharing it. 
6. Everything happens for a reason.
7. We are such happy people!
8. All band members cannot wait until this Thursday, the last of the "Yes, I Do" concerts in Vilnius, Loftas.



Our warmest emotions flies over to you with our newest tune "Tu ir Muzika" ("You and Music")! With it we tell simple and essential truth about life and that most often you need very little to be happy. In this story, only two things - someone close and an enjoyable activity. Let all the good feelings overwhelm us.



Vis sulaukiame daugelio žmonių užklausų “Kada ir kur bus koncertas?”. Atėjo metas apie tai pranešti garsiai!

Norime padėkoti visiems, kurie mus palaikė konkurse, kurie balsavo, rašė asmenines žinutes, siuntė šilumą ir pačius geriausius jausmus. Kviečiame visus, kurie mus jau lydi nuo pat THE ROOP susikūrimo ir tuos, kurie mus atrado tik dabar. Bus nuostabu!

Jeigu pasiilgai tikrumo, melodingumo, jaukumo, bet tuo pačiu ir energijos pliūpsnio - ateik!
P.S. Koncerte galima bus įsigyti mūsų albumus “To Whom It May Concern” ir “Ghosts”!

KAUNAS / Balandžio 13 d. 

KLAIPĖDA / Balandžio 20 d. 

VILNIUS / Balandžio 26 d.